All things come unexpected …


Hassan makes his first mark in the cooking industry when he steps into a family argument over an old chicken recipe that isn’t being sold in the family restaurant, the result of his advice is very exciting for him as the new dish now becomes a best-seller and is renamed “Hassan’s Dry Chicken”. We are now introduced to Hassan’s mother who is quite the opposite of his father, being a very shy and smart woman. The story flashes forward and Hassan is now 14 years old. The restaurant now hires “clean” waiters and serves to a more middle class society leaving the old workers poor and desperate for work. I personally believe that was a very smart decision because because as hard as it is to leave people without a job or income you also have to do what’s best for your personal success  and I think that put the restaurant on a new level throughout Bombay. Reading on throughout the book the story it turns out it was not a genious idea after all as Abbas is accused in the newspaper of causing suffering for the poor. The first major tradegy happens as Hassan’s grandfather, Bapaji dies on a hot summer after-noon. Along with him dies the families safety. Two weeks later a mob comes to attack the restaurant, torching the building and resulting in the death of his mother. Hassan is devastated and feels extremely lost as the smell of his mothers burning body does not leave his senses. I personally could never imagine the horror of going through 2 family deaths in a three week time period and also having to burry your mother yourself just hours after passing. After a long journey and fighting with reletives Hassan and his family is off to England, not knowing what to expect.