1 step forward , 2 steps back

Hassan’s transition to England is very stressful so far and him and his family don’t have very much time to adjust to the culture shock. He feels empty and cold while entering what feels like a new world. Hassan is now a full fledged teenager and  his family members here are extremely different from the ones back home in India. His cousin Aziza wears black leather, chews bubble gum and listens to earphones which he thought was very strange and trashy. This reminds me of the standardized Canadian reputation although that only applies to some. Things start to fall apart when Papa falls into a deep depression as he gives up looking for jobs. Hassan decides to get away from the drama at home and take a much needed trip to the city of London with his older brother Umar and manages  to catch himself a date. He describes this new character, Abhidha as “by no means a classic beauty” but says he feels a connection to her, something he hasn’t felt in a very long time. After spending time with her and it becoming a short term relationship, it soon ends unsuccessfully when he gets himself into some trouble and realizes the 6 year age different is to far of a stretch. Hassan’s biggest love affair seems to be with food anyways.

At home the family continues to struggle and Ammi is suffering more and more from Dementia. Things slowly start to look better in for future when Hassan gets a job at the Jalebi Junction, a sweets stand that makes some of his absolute favorite Indian deserts. From their he realizes his true passion and knows he always has belonged in the kitchen.