A Fresh Start.

reading response 4 a fresh start

An unexpected event changes the plans for the Haji Family. After Hassan is caught making out with his “toilet seat” cousin, Papa purchases 3 Mercedes and decides to travel across Europe for a new home as their current situation is clearly not working out. Hassan describes this new adventure as “crème brulee”, a new desert him and his family had learned about as Abbas is trying to expand his culinary knowledge. Their first stop is in Tuscany where they run into a local mushroom festival, I personally would enjoy this adventure because I LOVE mushrooms. While they were there they also visited the beach and this experience for the family acted as a much needed little “escape” in the middle of their tough time. The French Jura, in the Alps is their next destination. They arrive in October and are very pleased with the scenery. The air is clean and the town looks like something directly out of a postcard, this is something many people unfortuantley do not get to experience in their lifetime. After continuing on their journey the car breaks down but what seems as a setback quickly turns into what Hassan calls “destiny”. One of the cars papa had purchased broke down in front of a large estate with a “For Sale” sign on the front lawn. Wasting no time Papa and Uncle Mayur walk into the small town they broke down in to find a real estate agent for some information on the property they had discovered. After working through some paperwork and getting approval of adding a built in Indian restaurant to the estate, Papa buys the house for the Haji family. Hassan expresses that after a long time travelling and not knowing where they would end up his mourning period is over and that they have reached a light at the end of the tunnel. The family is extremely excited to start fresh. This was an important step in the book because now the story is able to begin a new chapter successfully finishing the last topic. Now there will be new adventures for the reader to experience. What will I think ill happen next is that Hassan will move up to a “pro chef” in the family restaurant and his journey will continue on from there.