Madame Gertrude Mallory is the newest character introduced. She watches the Haji family settle in to their new home from her bedroom window, right across the street. We learn that she is a descendant of a huge hotel family but works very hard aside from her large inheritance. Overall she is described as “a classicist by education and instinct” in other words a respectable women. From the start they do not get along very well at all as she is very stern and not to friendly, the opposite of Hassan. Hassan Soon gets distracted by Madam Gertrude’s sous chef who has short blonde hair and pale skin. The first battle between neighbours is shared when the family’s new restaurant “The Maison Mumbai” is opened and Mallory feels threatened, going straight to the Town Hall she demands it be shut down but her wishes are not obeyed as the town enjoys the new cultural restaurant. Next they have a showdown in the town when they battle over the freshest ingredients. I personally could never own a restaurant, the pressure would be way to much and you are never guaranteed a certain income. You also always have competition and their are no guarantees for returning customers. I work at Monforts in Ancaster which is a family owned restaurant and they are always doing non stop labour work every day to keep up with everything, which I could not do. As I predicted Hassan officially begins his job as a chef in a proper restaurant kitchen. Chaos starts when Mallory books a reservation for herself and her right hand man LeBlanc at the Haji family’s restaurant. Mallory was unfortunately pleasantly surprised and blown away by Hassan’s food. She describes him “as artist, a great artist.” Madame Gertrude then goes home and cries herself to sleep and the next morning gets up long before the sun rises to beat Papa to the market. As you can tell Mallory is a very dramatic and a diva character. She likes to react and make a scene wherever she goes, I feel like their has to be at least one character like this in every story.