All About Hassan

hassan haji

Title: The Hundred Foot Journey ; Author: Richard C. Morais ; Character: Hassan Haji

What do I know about the character?

Hassan Haji has lived a very tough life so far and has gone through much more than any child should have to at his age. For example witnessing the death his mother and living in rough conditions. He is very close with his family as he lives with most of his relatives. He has grown immensely as a chef and has always had a real passion for food. Hassan is always willing to try new things and is like a sponge just wanting to suck up all the knowledge that people are willing to share with him.  He is a extremely forgiving person as he says to himself after a huge blowout with Mallory and his Papa while laying in a hospital bed  “I was grateful that I could cook still, yes, but all my family’s troubles were because of this woman, and I could not forgive her. At least not yet.” Even though she is basically the reason he was pushed into a burning hot stove, he is still considers forgiving her. Which of course is exactly what he does. Although sometimes he rebels and makes mistakes that is normal for every teenager. He always learns from his experiences, like when he had a relationship with Abhidha who was 23 and got himself into some trouble, and also smoking drugs with his friend from England, Deepak. He will hopefully never make those mistakes again.

Character Traits?

Hassan is a very respectful boy. He always shows respect towards everyone he meets even when it may be hard, for example Madame Mallory. He also shows this through his fascination when other people tell him stories. He is also very humble. Although he does not come from much a first he is always thankful for what he does have and hardly complains as he knows his parents are doing the best they can. He says while on a journey with his family “The smell of searing lamb’s flesh and cumin and bubbling fat came to us in the wind, and the simplicity of it all – the roasting meat, the mint tea, thee cheerful familiar chatter – it took my breath away” He was simply expressing his feelings towards a small family who was cooking on the side of the road, not a famous chef’s dish. He is always extremely hardworking and is willing to do pretty much anything to help his family out.

How has the character changed over time?

In the begging Hassan was a naïve boy who loves to learn. He didn’t always understand the actions of his grandparents but went with the flow of life. All he knows is that he loves his Ammi’s food. He then goes through some typical teenage years making quite a few mistakes but learns from them, thankfully. He finds out that food is his true passion and what he lives for. He is continuing to turn into an honourable boy who helps out in his family restaurant and looks out for his sick family members. I can tell Hassan is always looking for an escape and craving to always be bigger and better. I hope that his determination and energy are used for good and he continues to go down a successful path in his cooking career.