The past is old news.

Hassan settles into his new home across the street in a tiny attic at Le Saule Pleureur. Right away he begins his training with Mallory which includes everything from A-Z except cooking? Mondays are his only days off which he spends back at home with his family who now seem so close but so far away. They often bombard him with questions but Papa mostly just listens. Hassan early on gets frustrated as he is still not cooking weeks later but she says “You will cook when the time comes”. Six months go by and Hassan is put into a difficult situation, when Mallory goes out for the day and Monsieur Iten comes knocking on the door to sell oysters. He is forced to make an executive decision about whether to accept the order or not. Thankfully he catches Iten trying to sell different oysters under one name and makes him change the order before signing. Iten reports back to Mallory as she set up the delivery herself as a test and Hassan immediately after gets promoted. After mistakenly messing up deserts one night, Margaret (the pretty sous chef from before) helps him out and he seems to have “fallen in love” with just one touch. Their relationship starts not too long after but problems quickly arise when they do not gets to spend much time together. It doesn’t take him long to realize that he really likes Margaret, almost as much as food. His next Monday off he spends with her at her loft. Time fasts forward three years: Hassan accepts a position as a sous chef at a very nice restaurant in Paris, France. Finally a new journey and a step in the right direction. Hassan spends his last day enduring with happiness and sadness as he spends a wonderful day with Margaret and is forced to wrap things up, but sees Papa in the forest with an unexpected guest, another woman but he realizes that his Papa has spent many years alone and deserves to be happy again. He asks her to come with him but she kindly declines and they both go their own way.