Will things ever get better?


Once again … things get heated. The next morning when Mallory heads to the supermarket extremely early and clears it out, literally. When Papa heads to the market and figures out what had happened, he says to Hassan “Don’t worry, this time we fight”. Mallory starts to lose it when a refrigerated Indian food delivery truck pulls in front of the Mumabi later that day. She takes her anger out on her staff and customers, which could backfire. I personally think she is taking this healthy competition a little to far. LeBlanc is the only person who can calm her nerves and he tells she needs to stop acting like a “mad woman”. Over time Mallory scares customers away from the Haji’s family restaurant, shrinking the business to maybe 5 tables a night. Things aren’t looking to good for Hassan or his family. Papa receives a noise complaint letter and now has to shut down their restaurant patio, knowing exactly who is behind the matter (Mallory) he reports her willow tree that hangs over the sidewalk at her Inn. Mallory storms over to the Maison when landscapers show up to cut down her tree, as the tree is a trademark of her hotel. They start screaming and yelling in the kitchen of the Indian restaurant, insult exchanged with insult Mallory pushes Papa and he knocks Hassan against the burning hot stove. The flames rise and the room goes silent. Hassan wakes up in the hospital and is told the family is moving back to London. A couple days later Mallory showed up at the Haji residence with roses and an apology. Her presence is denied and the door is slammed in her face. After doing a lot of personal reflection Mallory comes to some realizations and “smartens up”. Its about time. Hassan is finally able to come home for good from the hospital and waiting for their arrival is once again you know who. Mallory refuses to leave their house without her apology being accepted and Papa agreeing that Hassan could work for her. After a long debate, Hassan agrees to join her. The small distance across the street to her house after the fighting seems to Hassan to be as long as long as the universe. It seems to be his Hundred Foot Journey. Title Alert!!