The Five Hundred Foot Journey …

hassan haji

Hassan’s adventure to Paris so far is strangely easy. Mallory even though she sometimes seemed evil, got him where he needed to go, considering his new boss is a distant cousin of Mallory. Even though she obviously denies the fact of ever helping him. His life just is flying by, he has spent 5 years working at Le Gavroche and then now had become the chef de cuisine of La Belle Cluny where he works for 4 years. Hassan in now 30 years old, crazy eh? He returns back to Lumiere again and tells his Papa about the “Haji ambition, it was burning.”  He wanted to open his own restaurant. Expecting this Papa gives him his own inheritance and also his sisters and in return he takes his sister with him back to Paris to find a husband. Hassan goes to Paris and pursues his dream, as we all knew he would one day. He names it “Le Chien Mechant” after his father. The space is very “Paris” but still casual, and in the perfect location near subways and markets. Hassan and his business partner, Le Comte de Nancy who helped him find the perfect space hurry to get things going. Technically he owes a lot to Mallory, but she denies ever helping him get ahead. Together they hustle to get this new restaurant up and running, also interviewing tons of people in search for the perfect staff. After a long haul of events they are open for business. So much is happening from their first ever printed review of their restaurant to being introduced to a famous chef by the name of Paul Verdun. They become good acquaintances and Hassan lives a luxury lifestyle for a while and experiences the coast of the Mediterranean. Hassan’s dream life is unfortunately cut short when he receives a call that his father was found dead on the kitchen floor. He returns home to Lumiere and is devastated. Little does he notice Mallory has become very weak. Two months later and he receives another call saying that Mallory has fallen down a flight of stairs and died. Unfortunately Hassan is not able to make it back to Lumiere for her funeral. Shortly after the stock market crashes Hassan enters into a deep depression as he is still mourning the loss of 2 of the most important people in his life.  It all seems to be falling apart, back into his old ways of life which he was hoping he had gotten past already but all things come unexpected .. always.