Double Journal!

1. “I suspect my destiny was written from the very start, for my first sensation of life was the smell of machli ka salan, a spicy fish curry, rising through the floor boards to the cot in my parents room above the restaurant.” (Chapter 1, Page 3)

This means that he is basically telling the reader he was born to be a chef. Learning how to cook was like learning how to breathe. He was basically born smelling food and its basically all he has ever known. This an important quote in the book because it foreshadows the rest of the book and also gives the reader some detail about what the book might be about.

2. “Our period of mourning was officially over. It was time for the Haji family to get on with life, to start a new chapter, to finally put behind us our last years.”

This means that the family is all moving on together. They have travelled all though Europe and many incidents have occurred causing lots of tension, but they were able to get though it all. They work well as a family and a team.

3. “She was like Mother. Didn’t say a lot but when she did, my heavens, it would hit you harder than any of Papa’s tirades”

There is not many love quotes or connections throughout the book this is one of the few that expresses his inner feelings. Hassan is attracted to Margaret because she reminds him of his mother. This is because she pursued a lot of the qualities he appreciated and loved most about her.