Creative Project Introduction

For the final project of my book “The Hundred Foot Journey” I will be creating an online webpage. By looking at this webpage you will be able to find lots of information on the book including the plot, characters, a brief summary, and also themes in the novel. The rest of the information including the setting and tone will be discussed in the oral presentation. The purpose of my creation Is to create a unique visual representation of the book so readers can understand what the book overall is all about. The audience is for interested readers and pretty much anyone who would like to get more detailed information about the novel. I chose to present the topics discussed above because I feel that it is some of the most important topics you an provide to people who don’t really know anything about your book. I think a webpage will be an appropriate way to display the information because it will include different pages that you can click on and you can learn all about themes on one page or plot on another. It will also include pictures from the movie so you can get a visual on what is happening and how characters really look. The themes, although there are many, I will be focusing mostly on Cooking, Family and Admiration. I choose these because they are the most important and really help to tell the story. The author uses these themes really well throughout the book and I would like to give viewers a deeper knowledge on how important they are to the novel overall.