Reflecting on The Hundred Foot Journey

For my final creative project I made a webpage to introduce my book. I created four pages which included a main page introducing the book and giving facts about the movie and novel. The page also included a  definition of characterization and plot with a “more” button to click on to read more about the subject matter. On the next page I discussed the plot of The Hundred Foot Journey. It included the main events occurring in the beginning, middle and end of the novel. The third tab discussed the three main characters Hassan Haji, Abbas Haji (Papa), and Madame Gertrude Mallory. In this section I explained their role throughout the book and the main events they took part in. In the last page I reviewed the three main themes of the novel which consisted of food, family and admiration. To help viewers visualize the content discussed I created a collage of pictures for the background of each tab. The strategies I found helpful while creating my project was to write out all of the information that was to be posted on my webpage and then transfer it to the final product. With this I could revise my project and correct any spelling or grammar mistakes. What I accomplished from the process of creating my project is creative and technological knowledge. I was able to create a web page from scratch and personalize it. What I did well was the writing portion of the project as I explained in detail all the necessary components. My goal was to portray the book as a very exciting and interesting novel so that viewers ages thirteen plus would be interested in reading The Hundred Foot Journey. What I would do differently next time is include a video clip from the movie so the viewers could receive a more visual and audible perspective of the scene being discussed in the text. Overall I think my project displayed the correct information and pictures to sell the novel .