Act 1 – Macbeth Journal Entries


The Bleeding Captain describes Macbeth as very brave and he has earned his name by power and respect. I agree with his impression of Macbeth, he is a very adventurous man who always takes chances. He states “If chance will have me king, why chance may crown me without my stir.” This shows he will do whatever it takes. (I.iii.141-144)

I personally disagree with Duncan’s opinion on Macbeth, he says he is very noble and trustworthy but frankly he is not. He is going to betray Duncan and kill him for his own personal improvement so he can get ahead. Duncan holds faith in Macbeth but it seems he is just putting on an act until he get the chance to kill Duncan.

The Other Thanes such as Ross, finds Macbeth very respected and is impressed with his accomplishments as well as the king. Macbeth is a powerful and persuasive man, unfortunately he uses it for evil purposes. He states “When Duncan is asleep – Whereto the rather shall his days  hard journey soundly invite him – his two chamberlains will I with and wassail so convince That memory, the warder of the brain, shall be a fume, and the recipient of reason A limbeck only: when in swinish sleep Their drenched natures lie as in a death, what cannot you and I perform upon the unguarded Duncan?” (I.vii.60-70)

Lady Macbeth thinks very highly of her husband, she respects him and of course looks up to him. I agree with her when it comes to putting their efforts together and being unstoppable but for good purposes not evil. Also she believes he will be a wonderful king and almost wants it more than he does. The traits of a king include being honourable, humble,  selfless, respected, and most of all trustworthy. Macbeth can be persuaded to do things very easily even if that includes doing the wrong thing even though he knows its the wrong thing to do. I feel Duncan would be a better king.

Macbeth himself is a comfortably confident man. He and his wife have convinced themselves that they are doing other people a favour as well as themselves by killing Duncan but they are really just being greedy for power.

Macbeth is somewhat of  bloody warrior. He craves power and will do pretty much anything to gain it. When taking the murder of Duncan a little to far, slicing him top to bottom and removing his head he comes across a little gruesome and heartless. I hope he uses his power for the better in the future.

After watching the short dramatized scene for Macbeth, it seems much more intense and serious than I imagined. He is very unfearful and Lady Macbeth is just as determined as Macbeth himself.