Any Changes?

What we have now learned about the Macbeth’s is that they are about to make the biggest decision throughout the play that will affect the whole rest of the story line, the murder of Duncan. In the beginning the king had a lot of respect and trust in Macbeth and his wife. They had a strong relationship. Unfortunately they used this to their advantage for their own selfish wants. Macbeth knew in order to be king that Duncan had to die. My opinion has changed especially on Lady Macbeth as she is extremely deceitful and evil. She is very persuasive and will call Macbeth a coward, etc. if he does not do what she wants. The guilt of the murder is already starting to haunt them as Macbeth in Scene 2 says he hears voices saying “Sleep no more!” “Macbeth has murdered sleep” (2.2.38-39) His wife says he need some sleep. I feel the future for Macbeth and his wife will not be exactly what the expected. They figured they would live happily ever after as king and queen, but it might not be as exciting as it seems. They will have to deal with their own emotional deterioration but also the wrath of sadness that has took over Scotland.