Film Analysis

Overall Polanski did a good job turning the play Macbeth into a film. Polanski was able to do this through his customized atmosphere, lighting, sound effects, music, costumes, and the ability to portray characters effectively. I think that the movie portrayed the play in a very dark and mysterious way; which is the exact mood of Macbeth. The atmosphere of the play is very dark and gloomy, Polanski showed this by making the setting in the movie very foggy and mysterious. The mood of the movie is very disturbing and murky. This is used effectively because it gives the viewers a good representation of the scenes. The castles shown have rustic appeal to them, bringing the viewer into the realistic days of early Scotland. The lighting is used to produce a dim atmosphere. The stormy darkness contrasted with lighting helps to produce the eerie evil surroundings throughout most of the play. Polanski also used a variety of sound effects and music to help produce the intensity and dramatize the scenes such as thunder, knocking, etc. Costumes and clothing are also effectively used in the film. The nicer and more bold/royal coloured the clothing, usually higher the ranking. The makeup used on the witches was also realistic and you could clearly tell them apart from the normal character. Macbeth’s costumes usually portray a medieval vibe. In the movie Polanski was able to make Lady Macbeths character look very sweet and innocent on the outside but crazy on the inside. The film positively reeks of muck and filth, blood and bodies. Polanski even shows us the killings that Shakespeare left off-stage, in all their gory detail.