Which re-enactment is the most realistic?

I think that the best re-enactment of the Porter is the 2010 film as the atmosphere is extremely dark, dingy and creepy just as supposed to look. Also compares to the stage edition you have to visualize for yourself what the setting would look like and just focus on the character but in the 2010 edition you are able to receive the whole picture. Also the acting is very intense and capturing, as his voice goes loud than soft, it makes you pay attention. The wardrobe is very simple but for that scene it is not supposed to be spectacular. Sound effects such as thunder add to the suspenseful and frightening theme of the scene. His facial expression in the 2010 film is very serious. Props such as a flashlight add to the scene so you can get the idea that it would be very dark at the time. Over all they did a good visual representation of the Knocking Scene in Macbeth.